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i have a dangerous obsession with animal crossing, cupcakes, coffee, and bubble tea.
i love to write music, code, and play sims. ~sophie
Stop whatever you are doing. Are you ignoring an emotion or avoiding something?

Let yourself FEEL it. Feel it COMPLETELY.

Pinpoint EXACTLY where you feel this pain and let it take over for a minute.

You need to FEEl whatever it is you don't want to deal with for it to completely go away.

Scream, cry, yell! Get it out! Turn it into a creation. Whether it be a song, a poem, a piece of writing, or a painting.

Do not be negative about it while you do this! Do not say, ""I deserve this," or, "I'm so messed up." No. Everyone goes through pains and trials. You will only grow from it.

Now, do you feel it fading away? Remember that EVERYTHING is temporary. This feeling won't matter soon.

Breathe deeply into wherever you feel this pain. Is it your heart? Your head?

Now let it out.

Have a beautiful day everyone <3